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Is this the best exercise?

The hardest thing to do when trying to lose weight is knowing that what you are doing works. I like to give you examples and in this video you will see a routine using dumbbells in a quirky way to help you to shed pounds.

Maybe you do not think this is right for you or the dumbbells appear to be too heavy for you. Thats perfectly OK, just use the information that you learn watching the video and change the bits that are not right for you.

For example if it looks too hard try using a lighter dumbbell or if you are trying to workout at home just use something from your food cupboard as weights that are easy to handle. I use a couple of 1 gallen plastic bottles filled with water. The important thing is to do this on a regular basis and more than once a month!!!

Seriously, if you need to lose weight then you have to put in the hard yards. This means that you have to stay focussed and have a plan that fits into your lifestyle. You can try searching the net to find plans to help keep you on track. If you go to this website you can sign up for free and find recipes and workouts to follow. This really is a great place to start to change for the better and if you like what you see and want more they have a premium service where you can get much greater support.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you every success in your life.

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