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How Teens Can Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

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How Teens Can Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Author: Bob Sherman

Teen weight loss is a requirement as too many teens eat so much fatty food and exercise only minimally. Fatty foods in schools and fast food restaurants in addition to practically no physical education in schools is taking its toll on our young people.

Added to the demands of life causing weight gain, young people face an ever mounting pressure to look slender. Popular television programs, teen magazines, ads and movies all showcase slim figured young people. Overweight teens often sense their hopelessness in their attempts to appear to be like the role models they see in the media.

Teens who seek to look slim face apparently overwhelming obstructions preventing them from reaching their goal. So they often resort to unsafe pills and eating disorders. Furthermore, many teens look in the mirror and imagine that they are just too fat when they are really at a healthy weight. If you are one of these young people who feel disheartened about how your body looks and are taking or planning to take drastic actions to reach an unrealistic goal you ought to see your school physiologist or locate an outside therapist. Do not fear talking with someone about how your feel.

So, as a teenager, how do you achieve and maintain a healthy body? While everyone wants a fast solution to problems that took years to cultivate, the best answers are simple. A healthy diet and a regular exercise program will keep you fit and trim.

Puberty is a time when your body is experiencing some major changes. These complex changes going on in your body require extra nutrition and conscientious attention. Since of this it is vital that you stick to a healthy diet.

Temptations to quickly consume fast food and get on with your life’s activities often develop into a habit that is hard to break. Blend this with fatty foods that come from a can provided by school cafeterias and you have a formula for fast weight gain and loss of health. If you are in doubt about this you ought to watch Morgan Spurlock in his “Super Size Me” movie. He plainly demonstrates that eating fast food regularly produces weight gain and deterioration of body chemistry that could have life threatening consequences.

Eating healthy, well balanced meals of the right size is vital for growing teens. As a teen, you should spend time doing some study on the Internet about healthy diets. Find out what foods, vitamins, and minerals your body requires. Establish your caloric requirements. Find out how to determine your body mass index, BMI. Healthy eating is an option. This means that you’ll need to give up some time, change unwholesome habits and cultivate new constructive eating habits.

Exercise is also vital to good health. Schools are concerned about adhering to state policies and frequently don’t have the resources to implement much beyond the minimum requirements. While they have their sports programs, physical education in the gym or swimming pool is frequently deficient in the duration, intensity, and frequency required to keep you healthy.

This means that you’ll need to regularly organize your own physical education program.

Teen weight loss is a lifestyle option. There are no fast solutions. Choosing to eat a healthy diet and to participate in regular exercise is a lifestyle you must proactively work for. And, that choice won’t just be for your teenage years. You’ll have to make that choice last for the rest of your life so you can hang on to a healthy and vigorous body as long as you live.

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