Weight Loss Diet Plans – Do They Really Work?


Weight Loss Diet Plans – Do They Really Work?

Author: Ryan Mutt

Low-carbohydrate diets: The carbohydrate content of the diet is an important determinant of short-term (less than two weeks) weight loss. Low (60 to 130 grams of carbohydrates) and very low-carbohydrate diets (zero to 60 grams) have been popular for many years. [2] Rapid weight loss occurs, primarily due to glycogen breakdown and fluid loss rather than fat loss.

Low and very low-carbohydrate diets are more effective for short-term weight loss than low-fat diets, although probably not for long-term weight loss. If a low-carbohydrate diet is chosen, healthy choices for fat (mono and polyunsaturated fats) and protein (fish, nuts, legumes, and poultry) should be encouraged because of the association between saturated fat intake and risk of coronary heart disease.

Very low-calorie diets: Diets with energy levels between 200 and 800 kcal/day are called “very low-calorie diets,” while those below 200 kcal/day can be termed starvation diets. The basis for these diets was the notion that the lower the calorie intake the more rapid the weight loss, because the energy withdrawn from body fat stores is a function of the energy deficit. Starvation is the ultimate very low calorie diet and results in the most rapid weight loss. Although once popular, starvation diets are now rarely used for treatment of obesity.

High protein diets: Some popular books recommend high protein diets. The effectiveness over long term has not established yet.

Mediterranean diet: The term Mediterranean diet refers to a dietary pattern that is common in olive-growing areas of the Mediterranean area. Although there is some variation in Mediterranean diets, there are some common components that include a high level of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated, moderate consumption of alcohol, mainly as wine, a high consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains, a moderate consumption of milk and dairy products, mostly in the form of cheese, and a relatively low intake of meat and meat products.

Thus, any diet that is adhered to will produce modest weight loss, but adherence rates are low with most diets. Although a low-carbohydrate diet may be associated with greater short-term weight loss, superior weight loss in the long-term has not been established. The optimal mix of macronutrients likely depends upon individual factors. A principal determinant of weight loss appears to be the degree of adherence to the diet, irrespective of the particular macronutrient composition. Behavioral modification to improve dietary compliance with any type of diet may have the greatest impact on long-term weight loss.

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20 Responses to “Weight Loss Diet Plans – Do They Really Work?”

  1. celis24 says:

    What are the safest diet pills? What diet pills are safest to take that wont mess with trying to become pregnant later?

    Ive heard some can make you have at least 3 miscarriage’s before being able to carrying a healthy baby to full term.

  2. Robert says:

    so im 15. 230lbs. 6ft. i recently lose 20lbs. i was 250.

    now i exercise enough. active and play sports everyday. go to the gym. but the one thing missing is a diet. what should i eat in a day. like what type of foods to eat or not to eat?
    i usually eat breakfast. some cereal or something. and lunch chicken or something like that. dont really eat vegetable or fruits. my trainer said that what i eat isnt at all a good diet, and i aint losing weight with just excersize alone.

  3. Soo says:

    I’m not sure how many calories you should have daily, but I do know the list of good foods to eat because I have just recently started a healthy diet for myself.

    for breakfast you want to have some type of fruit. have this when you wake up and wait a while to eat the rest of your breakfast which should be high fiber cereal, whole wheat toast, etc.

    For lunch you should have whole wheat bread with low fat meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and LITE mayonnaise or honey mustard.
    either that or a well balanced salad.

    my favorite for dinner is whole wheat pasta with a side salad.

    snack can be basically anything under 100 calories..

    also, if you drink a lot of milk, switching to nonfat actually does a lot of good.

    stay clear from white bread. whole wheat everything, if you can!

    hope this helps!

  4. Hollister says:

    i want to go on a diet. im skinny but i just want to stop eating junk food all the time. but for some reason i cant stop. does anyone have any tips

  5. bmk1999 says:

    Replace your junk food:
    Eat cassava chips instead of potato chips. Cassava chips have twice the amount of fiber as regular chips, less salt (if you buy them regular from the Arico brand) than most potato chips, less fat than most potato chips, and there’s no unneeded crap added to them (i.e. hydrogenated oils which is trans fats, starch, etc.). You can usually find them in most health food sections at the grocery store.
    Eat frozen yogurt or yogurt rather than ice cream. Buy plain Greek yogurt with no sugar added or low sugar, low fat vanilla or plain frozen yogurt. You can add so much stuff to them for flavor and nutrition such as fruit, nuts, oats, and powder (e.g. flax seed powder, whey protein powder, etc.).
    Eat nuts. Make sure they are raw and plain. Why? Because when labels say “honey roasted” or “flavored” they’re usually fried. Talk about ew. Fried nuts. It’s like fried Twinkies. Some of the best nuts are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and hazelnuts. Seeds are also nutritious. I like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds the most. Soak them and water before you eat them to get most of the salt out.
    Ooh, I almost forgot a very important nut. Soy nuts. You can literally live off of them (and water, of course). Seriously, look them up. I love them.
    Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I could go on and on on how good dark chocolate is for you. Only buy it plain, with nuts, or natural flavoring. Make sure it’s low sugar and low fat though.
    Well that should help you.
    Last thing, if you keep eating and don’t know when to stop, a hormone could have stopped working or something because you know when your full when that hormone is released. How do you think the people who are severely overweight got like that? So you might wanna check with your doc just in case.
    Also, avoid McDonald’s and unhealthy fast food restaurants! Do you think it’lll help you?
    Last last thing, a replacement of sugar is Truvia. It’s an all natural 0 calorie sweetener that comes from the stevia plant.
    Good luck

  6. FashionistaRockstar says:

    What are some foods that would work well with a really low carb diet? Because I’ve started the diet today and the only really low carb things I can find are bacon, eggs, progresso, and crystal light. Thanks for the help!!!

  7. silverbullet says:

    Why would you want to severely limit carbohydrates? They are your body’s primary fuel. If you are trying to lose weight, limiting total calories is much more sensible and effective.

  8. KaileyS says:

    i exersize and i diet. i’ve lost wieght but it has been in my legs and i’m trying to loose wieght in my stomach. any suggestions???

  9. Krissi says:

    I have recently lost 6 pounds in a week, which wasnt actually as hard as i thought it was going to be.
    For breakfast i ate a bowl of special k with semi skimmed milk, with chopped up fruit,
    for lunch a bowl of soup or a salad (fish is best as its low in fat)
    and for dinner, i had a low fat meal, ‘be good to yourself’ from sainsburys or weight watchers and it tells you how many calories are in each meal.
    snack on things like fruit and salad, if youre a crisp fan, try low cal crisps like french fries which only contain 89 kcal in each pack, or monster munch or snack a jacks.
    i think i cut down to 700/800 calories a day, a did some regular exercise, jogging etc.
    I also stopped eating after 6.00-7.00, which helped my metabolism so i lost weight faster, and cut out all drinks and just drank water and diet coke/pepsi (1kcal) as you dont realise how many calories are in drinks!
    after the week, i am now being more lenient with myself, and i have been consuming about 800/900 calories.
    Hope this helps!

  10. :-) says:

    Hi! My 11 year old son was wanting to loose weight because he is tired of being chubby/fat. He is 5’1 and weighs 117 pounds and is wanting to loose about 20 pounds by fall. If he runs the treadmill for 30-50 minutes a day, walks around the neighborhood, cuts soda and only eats three light meals a day will he loose weight?? I am not sure so please don’t say that is too much or isn’t enough. Thank you very much!

  11. TheCocaineDiaries says:

    That sounds good. Make sure you feed him plenty of fruits and veggies so he continues to get his nutrition. Limit carbs to once a day in the morning, and not after 3PM. Don’t serve dinner fast 7PM, either. Cut down on all unhealthy things. Then make sure he exercises an hour a day, running/jogging on the treadmill. He’ll lose weight in no time.

    You could also talk to his doctor to make sure it;s working.

  12. Sarreola says:

    I want a quick 1-7 day quick diet to jump start my regular diet. Just to flush out toxins and to get my body ready for diet and workout. Please help

  13. eddie says:

    changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing you can do and will ensure you will lose weight if combine with walking everyday especially.

    you can eat how much you like if you stay within these 3 guidelines and still lose fat naturally and gradually. You should lose 10lbs each month on average.

    1.eat only steamed lean meats, eggs, healthy fruits ,vegetables, nuts, grains (Asian basmati or jasmine rice gives lots of energy and can be found at your local oriental/asian market or some super markets), & yogurt..2. drink only water, juice, & milk..3. walk or do some physical exercise 1-3 hour every day.

    (btw, recommend you also to buy an electronic food steamer and a rice cooker ((Both Very cheap)) .which, used together make it very easy to prepare very nutritional, healthy meals ,,add a bit of olive oil , diced garlic, pepper, sliced lemon and spices on top of steamed vegeatables, fish or chicken to add more taste if wish as these are healthy too.)

  14. eddie says:

    I just had a baby and trying to lose some weight before my husband gets back from Iraq 🙂 I dont have much time to diet or work out but I try at time and do try and watch what I eat if I even have the time to. Please help me out as much as you can…thanks so much!

  15. eddie says:

    I would suggest just proper acai diet and exersize, i suggest doing what this mom did and combining the Acai diet with a cleansing program for the best result. Congratulations on your husband coming home, God Bless him for serving his country. My husband just came back in May and though he was injured, it was the happiest day of my life to see him alive!

  16. jewess4jesus says:

    I have tried every diet book out there. So far, the only thing that’s worked for me is a raw diet but I never can stick to it for long!

  17. BabykinsBaby says:

    Not much… Atkins is good if you can commit to sticking with it. Also I had some success with Weight Watchers.

  18. eddie says:


    I am trying to look somewhat slimmer for school, but even though I’ve been dieting I haven’t lost very much weight. Has anybody tried any diet pills that work quickly and efficiently?

  19. eddie says:

    If you are really looking the best way to diet,
    I suggest doing what this mom did and combining the Acai diet with a cleansing program for the best result

  20. cupidgirl. says:

    diet pills are not healthy or effective long-term
    they reap havoc on the endocrine system; the function in our body which regulates everything from body temperature to hair growth to hormones & skin condition. & will most certainly not create an ideal environment in which a baby may survive. eat healthy & get moderate exercise. you can start by walking 30 min/day & you will be doing a world of good for yourself & your baby.