A Few Things To Consider Concerning How To Lose Belly Fat


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Belly Fat And Cellulite Exercise Program

A Few Things To Consider Concerning How To Lose Belly Fat

Author: Maiysha Johnson

Many people undergoing a weight loss regimen are genuinely serious to figure out how to lose belly fat, because the belly is the part of the body where heaps of fat tends to gather in an irregular way, leading to difficulty of movement, easy exhaustion when doing daily tasks, and a displeasing self-image. That “belly fat” image is in contrast to the image of the “six-pack” abs that many tout as the ideal body frame. Indeed, when one starts unhealthy eating habits or indulges in inactivity, the belly is the first region that tends to accumulate fat.

How to lose belly fat is a bit difficult to figure out for some, and this could be caused by the fact that they could be stressing out about the belly fat so much that they try to find for reliable ways to lose belly fat. Unfortunately, belly fat has no such specialness. Fortunately, however, once you initiate a weight loss program, the belly will be the portion which will lose fat first. Because belly fat is visceral (internal) fat, the body metabolizes it and turns it into energy faster than the body would do to subcutaneous (just below the skin) fat.

The effortless loss of belly fat depends on diet and exercise. Correct diet consists of foods that do not contain a large amount bad fat (note – there are also good fats that may assist in eliminating belly fat while providing you with a actual feeling of fullness), or help in increasing metabolic rate; along with the proper amount and the right times. Examples of foods that accomplish these include fruits, vegetables, and protein-heavy foods. Also, as opposed to the ’empty’ calories that junk foods and sodas give, there are foods containing ‘good’ carbohydrates that provide beneficial calories, like whole grains and wheat bread. Foods with good carbohydrates boosts metabolic rate by increasing insulin function, which allows it to use blood sugar more effectively, thus increasing metabolic rate and reducing fat accumulation.

The final fundamental to removing belly fat successfully is exercise. When first starting, exercise may be challenging, because of the struggle of movement associated with belly size and body frame. Try light exercises first, like walking, swimming, or dancing, then once your body is used to exercising, you may have lost some weight by then, and it is time to go on to more strenuous activities. Exercises not only burn body fat and use up calories; they also maintain stable metabolism, which is the fundamental on how to liberate yourself from belly fat, and condition your body to get used to it, so you are able to maintain at will.

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Losing belly fat can be difficult or it can be simple, you decide.  Author, Maiysha Johnson offers excellent tips along with a very simple solution to losing weight and would love to share it with you via her weight management blog so stop by today!

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16 Responses to “A Few Things To Consider Concerning How To Lose Belly Fat”

  1. katherinej says:

    I think i am wicked fat and that is y i think i dont have a bf. people say i am not fat> wat can i do to raise my confidence

  2. Carl says:

    hun, your weight has NOTHING to do with not haveing a bf. im sure thers guys out there just for you! you just have to find them. if a guy would ever not go out with you for your figure,he obviously isnt intrested in love, only for a peice of ”you know what haha” . but belive me, its so silly to let your self be down about that. im sure your really pretty and im not saying that to make u pick me. but really. if you feel so bad about it, start doing athletic activiteis and join a gym. im sure your not that fat. how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

  3. eddie says:


  4. eddie says:

    You should prolly start by removing the caps lock key from your keyboard.

  5. fifty says:

    Fat information is getting confusing. I know meat fat is the worst except Salmon fat is good. Olive oil is good and palm oil is bad. Cheese fat is bad. I just don’t know how avocado and coconut oil figure into the picture. Are they in the middle? Should I eat these products or avoid them?

  6. Sam says:

    avocado, salmon and olive oil fat are good fats.
    Meat, cheese, palm oil and coconut milk are bad fats.

  7. Curious_one says:

    I’m not too fat, nor too skinny, and yet I have been accused of overeating by a fat person! I would never comment on a fat person’s eating habits!

    Should people make open remarks about the eating habits of others, or is it just plain rude?

  8. fellowtraveler87 says:

    its pretty rude i think, especially if you’re not real close to the person.

    i get disgusted watching fat people eat. it reminds me of someone with lung cancer puffing down a marlboro.

    fat people also like to give excercise advice. like how they don’t mind telling me how bad running is on my knees…whatever. they dont really know what they’re talking about they just like to be able to justify sitting our their butt when they should be active.

    so don’t worry about them…just let it roll off.

  9. eddie says:

    I need to burn fat. I have too much fat in my blood and too much fat on my liver. My doctor said that I need to just lose weight and I will be fine. Will a fat burning supplement work? Will it be safe for me to use? Thank you.

  10. abijann says:

    Most all liver patients are told not to take any medications
    (over the counter meds, herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements,
    etc) without first checking with their doctor for their approval or
    a prescription.

    Some of the causes of fatty liver disease is:
    alcohol consumption, certain kinds of medications (steriods),
    high cholesterol/triglyceride levels, weight gain (obesity),
    fast weight loss, malnourishment, diabetes, insulin resistance,
    and more.

    Fat inside the liver doesn’t usually cause a problem
    (simple fatty liver), but as the fat continues to build up
    inside the liver (which is surrounded by a tight membrane
    capsule) it causes pressure in the liver that can damage the
    liver cells. When the liver cells become damaged, the immune
    system of the patients body will respond to this damage and
    cause inflammation to develop inside the liver (this adds to
    the pressure there). The liver will enlarge in size and take
    on a spongy texture. This is then known as Steatohepatitis.

    If you have high cholesterol/triglyceride in your body, the doctor
    will first try to put you on a diet to see if this helps to lower it
    enough. However, if it still stays higher in range, he may
    have to place you on Statin drugs. Statin drugs require
    he take frequent blood testing to be sure of their effect on
    your liver. Since you stated that you already where diagnosed
    with fatty liver…you should take this very seriously.
    If you go onto statin drugs it should only be because the
    high cholesterol is a hereditary reason and not because
    you are overweight
    If inflammation and fat stay in the liver…it can progress to
    where the liver cells die off and form scar tissue inside the
    liver (known as Cirrhosis of the liver).

    This will require a life style change of eatting.
    It is best to stay with fresh fruits and vegetables
    (wash before eatting because people handle these in the stores)…
    next best is frozen…try to stay away from canned as they tend
    to contain alot of sodium.
    Lean cuts of meat, fish, removed skin from all kinds of poultry(turkey,
    Use sparingly good types of oils: olive oil or canola…
    Yet, it is best to bake, broil, or boil your foods instead of fried.
    Avoid foods that are prepackages (like TV dinners, pkg fish, chicken, etc).
    Avoid foods that are high in preservative. Avoid fast foods.
    Avoid open salad/food bars as people can sneeze or cough into them
    (you don’t want to become sick and have to need to take additional
    medication or weaken your body more…it is good to wash hand
    frequently and use disinfected wipes to wipe things off.)

    Your doctor office may be able to provide you with a pamphlet
    for what you can eat in your diet…or he may refer you to a
    dietician or nutritionist. They will take into account your
    entire medical history and your age and activity and provide
    you with a diet to follow.

    I hope this is of some help to you. Best wishes

    Steato stands for fat
    Steatohepatitis stands for inflammation inside the liver developing
    because of fat.
    Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver,
    NASH stands for Non alcoholic causes of Steatohepatitis
    NAFLD stands for Non alcoholic causes of Fatty liver disease.
    Cirrhosis is death of the liver cells and scar tissue formation inside the liver.

    Links to sites:

    I hope this information is of some help to you.
    Best wishes

  11. Jay says:

    I understand how a steel ship floats, I understand the effects of gravity on celetial bodies etc. I’m not a complete idiot. What I don’t get is why everyone says avocadoes are so fattening. Meat has fat content, I get that. Animals with unburned calories get fat and fat is in the meat and you eat it and it’s fattening. Okay- I get that. An avocado grows on a tree. Since trees don’t eat until they get fat how is it that you can grow fat from a tree?

  12. calgarychef26 says:

    the fat comes from the oils in the avocado which is produced by the tree in much the same way sap and syrup is made by trees. keep in mind the fat is the healthy type, unlike most other foods.

  13. eddie says:

    I am currently seeing a nutrtitionist but i want other doctor opinions too. I’m on a weight gain plan and I’m trying to gain weight. I don’t want to gain all fat or extra jiggle fat on my body. I would only like to gain the fat my body needs not the bad excess kind. How much fat should I be consuming a day to say tone and build muscle while also gaining weight?

  14. beingagood1 says:

    Congratulations on your recovery! Most anorexics can’t see past secretly thinking they’re virtuous. Some thoughts on lipids: There are two essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Essential means, of course, that the body cannot manufacture them, although they are needed. But in the presence of linoleic acid, the body becomes able to produce linolenic. So. Corn oil and Soybean oil both contain 25% linoleic acid. Cold pressed (sometimes called expeller-pressed) safflower oil contains 90% linoleic acid. It’s a no-brainer. You want to meet your lipid requirement in this form. Hollywood Oil makes an excellent expeller-pressed safflower oil.

  15. Schnell says:

    I am on a diet, and I am concerned that I am not getting enough fat to absorb my vitamins effectively. I eat slow release carbohydrates and lots of vegetables to feel full. However, my fat intake is suffering as a result. I eat about 15 grams of fat a day; 135 calories worth. I am on a 1500 calorie diet. Thank you.

  16. eddie says:

    thats normal. dont worry about it

    and make sure you take a vitamin, its a healthy part of any healthy lifestyle 🙂